Weppode and Tod

Weppode is pretty much a kid in a leopard suit.  At this point, however, it is impossible to separate him from the suit.  He woke up one day in the jungle of Sanjay Gandhi National Park outside of Mumbai.  He has no idea how he got there, or how he knew (sort of) how to speak Engwish, but then, he never really gave it much thought either.  He walked to the coast to do some surfing and met Tod, who was helping to rebuild some shanties that had been destroyed in a tidal wave, but Weppode somehow convinced him to take some time out from that to make him a surf board.  Tod is a quadrapus from the deep undersea trench known colloquially as Cephalaton.  His large family still lives there, and they often wonder if Tod will return to them one day.  Weppode and Tod now wander about in a full scale model of the Earph created by Tod on one of Weppode’s whims.  Tod made it out of recycled paper pulp while Weppode was asleep one night.  Weppode and Tod often encounter a diverse catalogue of creatures who mysteriously appear on their paper world.

James Bellizia

James is an artist/musician currently living and working in Burlington, Vermont and Brooklyn, New York.  He is the original Weppode (as pictured–and that’s his brother, the engineer on the right–not Tod, btw).  He will gladly come to your house and paint a mural or build you a monster bed.  View some more of his drawings here:  http://jamesbellizia.com

Sabe d’Earph!